SFT Delegated Administrators

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The SFT Delegated Administrators LISTSERV keeps you informed of important updates, planned outages and service improvements.

User Password Reset

Users change their passwords using the web browser. See Chapter 2 of the SFT User Manual for more information. If assistance is needed, users must contact their SFT Delegated Administrator(s). Delegated Administrator instructions for resetting user passwords are in Chapter 6 of the Delegated Administrator Manual, available for download in the Administration Console on the Documentation tab.

Reset Administrator Password

Delegated Administrator passwords are reset by the SFT team. Make your request by contacting the service desk at service.desk@state.ca.gov or call 916-464-4311.

General Questions

Feel free to contact us anytime at the distribution list email address you received at your delegated administrator training class or use SFT Contact Form


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