SFT Intake Checklist

Get your team together to answer these questions before filling out the Intake Form.

Technical Information
  • How many user accounts are needed to begin the project?  
  • How many total user accounts are anticipated over the duration of the project?  
  • How many delegated administrators are needed for the project?  
    (At least one delegated administrator is necessary for account maintenance)
  • Do you need a manager account?  
    (A manager account is billed at the same user account rate and can transfer files)
  • What is the estimated number of gigabytes to be transferred each month?  
  • Do you require repository encryption?  
    (Also known as "encryption at rest" using the 3DES algorithm)
  • How many days of file retention?  
    (SFT sytems deletes all uploaded files after 14 days unless otherwise requested)
  • What server platforms and secure protocols are involved?  
    (Web browser, third-party systems/clients, Windows server, Unix/Linux/AIX, mainframe, etc.)
  • Will your project require transfer automation?  
    (That is, the "push" and "pull" of files without manual intervention)
  • How many Axway Secure Client™ licenses do you plan on purchasing?  
    (Secure Client™, available from the SFT Team, is an optional secure client for the Windows platform)
Project Information
  • What is your department abbreviation?  
  • What is your project name?  
  • What is your project name abbreviation?  
  • Who is your project manager?  
    (Name, Email, and phone number)
  • Who is your Customer Delivery Representative?  
    (Name, Email, and phone number)
Billing Information
  • Who is your business/procurement person?  
    (Name, Email, and phone number)
Delegated Administrator Information and Training
  • Who are your primary delegated administrators?  
    (Names, Emails, and phone numbers)
  • What dates are your delegated administrators available for training?  
    (Select the month, day, and time from the display calendar)


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