Service Request Process

  1. Obtain an SR number (a 6-digit number that identifies a request to purchase service) by completing the on-line OTech CSSWeb (Service Request) Form. The CSSWeb system is not to be confused with a Remedy Service Desk (Help) support request, REQ, also called a “service request”.

  2. To gain access to CSSWeb, you must have a user account. Someone in your organization probably already has one, and you should work with that person. Check with your procurement group. However, you may use this Access Request Form to obtain an account from the CSSWeb Administrator.

  3. The CSSWeb system Help pages.

  4. Contact your Customer Delivery Account Lead. Every State of California agency, department, board, etc. has an OTech-assigned Customer Delivery account lead who works in the OTech Customer Delivery Division, Account Management Branch. Always notify your account lead whenever you request OTech services. Use this CDD Customer Delivery Lookup form to find your account representative contact information.

  5. Once you have the SR number, check the status of your request. (login first)



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